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25 march 2017 > AiR Drive MIDI Controller DEMO available
13 february 2017 > CAMPIONE sample-player available FREE
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Versions 1.0.2
AiR Drive is a MIDI Controller dedicated exclusively to Jomox(R) AiRBase99 drum machine module. The plugin synchronises all kits parameters, bank & program changes along with remote editing and remote storing function, allowing strict dialoge from DAW with the original hardware. It also includes alternative or simultaneous Send/Receive CC#s messages, to act both as a controller or as a librarian with mouse preview triggering and muting of pieces during edit or play. Demo limitations: Snare & Rim controls, storing function disabled.
Ordering a full working version AiR Drive and you'll receive the bonus JAZ Drive controller plugin for Jomox JAZBase03, handling different samples set and additional parameters.
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Version 1.0.5

Try the endles modulation possibilities of Campione, a smart looping sample-player. It loads WAV files and treat them with 3 synchronised graphical waves. Once a .WAV format sample file is loaded, the plugin allows to apply start and end points of play, looping, reversing, with velocity response, transposition and keytracking over the MIDI keyboard. The three special effects processors that follows looping settings in full syncronization are: rhtythmic Sample Rate modulation, 24dB LowPass filtering and amplitude gating.
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Version 1.1.2

The Acrobatics plugin which features a complete collection of traditional rhythms from all over the world.

- VST automatic sync to host or standalone application version available
- a complete set of traditional 4/4 and 12/8 rhythms
- user patch to build your own rhythms
- conga synthesizer audio feedback
- multiview system with mathematic analysis: steps scheme, cronotonic scheme, aural scheme, clock scheme
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Version 1.0.4


User Manual
Have you ever wanted to write really groovy musical lines? Of course you have. Now you get a proper chance using our peculiar arpeggio synthesizer. The acronymous EGO means "Electronic Groove Operator". Each MIDI key press on the synth will start an entire symphony of sequences and oscillations, producing beautiful sound lanscapes instead of the usual, mere "tone". The experience of Acrobatics in Alieno integrated step-LFO led shortly our labs to a more distinctive and structured synthesizer built directly around sequencing, and making a world of its own for truly creative synthetists. Lets groove!

-Arpeggio engine featuring 5 parallel sequences, 1 Gates and Times line, 2 Pitch-Lines, 2 proportional control lines for filtering, panning, etc.
-LCD display to freely modify in real time sequences, laser-show synchronized view
- Tracking assignable to keys, sequences or both
-Global portamento AND single-sequence-note glide combined slides
- Additional FM functions based on sequences.
-Wavetable OSC with 50 selectable waves
-24dB LowPass filter, fast responsive
-2 Vario free-running LFOs (triangle & sine wave)
-Stereo Chorus 4-voices with feedback
-Stereo Delay/Echo with LP/HP/DUB feedback
-Distortion, Overdrive, Bit-Reducing modules
-Panning and additional LP/BP/HP filters
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Version 1.1.5

A hands-on, simple desktop musicians friend, inspired by synthesizers of the seventies and eighties: produces original synth tones and reproduces strings pianos, basses, organs and bells patches with ease, but it can also explore wild and spacey atmos using its flexible modulation options and smart programming.

- Controllable powerful LFO with selectable Square, Ramp/Saw, Sinus waveforms, positive and negative modulation options on oscillators and filter, linear attack and release modulation times.
- User mixable waveforms for additive synthesis as in original seventies synthesizers: square, saw, sub (-12,-24,-36 transpose options) with 3 waveforms selection: square, saw or sine, plus brown noise generator, level sliders each.
- 24db LowPass filter for powerful subtractive synthesis, natural resonance, controllable via MIDI, 4-stage envelope, polyphonic keytrack and LFO modulation section.
- 4-stage full linear envelope to control oscillators and filter section, switchable modes for flexible amplification via an auxiliary gate or using the modulation section times.
Version 1.3

minisynth logo The Minisynth series collection consist of three instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK.
As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push-up users creativity first and give steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers. Common look and feel and standardized location of knobs and switches goes in the direction of helping musician when in a busy musical work, when certainly requires fast access to basic synthesis controls and settings to fit in the mix. The Minisynth series collection is also suitable for educational purpouses for its separate interpretations of most important synthesis methods and applications.
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Version 1.0.4

A stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio samples. The full-stereo and flexible architecture allows complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents.

Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter is driven dynamically through a fast AHR envelope, keytracked and modulated by a synchronized/free running full-featured LFO.
Also available are high-pass resonant filtering, bitcrushing and distortion stages. The effect unit features full VST & MIDI control and a flexible routing of signal with additional balance, mix and dynamics fine-tune processing.
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Version 1.0.2

Cutting and limiting combination plugin for home production and DJs. Features 24dB lowpass stereo filter and stereo limiter with independent stages, smooth controls, bulb metering, L/R balance and phase inversion tools.
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Version 2.0.2


 Originally written for KVR website DC competition, Alieno is Acrobatics' peculiar performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation. It is easely suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis. SCI-FI look and feel with 12 skins and a plenty of original sounds in the extended library included. A deeper edit is guaranteed by the object-oriented graphic interface, letting you choose between different sound generators, filters and modulations schemes just as in a spaceship environment. The machine sports also warp, delay and reverb effects: join the space battle today!
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Version 1.0.4


A proprietary, original technology delivers natural stereo echoing using very clean delay, filter and pan algorhythms adding subtle modulation to the feedbacked signal without introducing any unwanted distortion into the signal. Spirale features self-synchronization to the host with regular, dotted and triplet delay times including off-beat fine tuning, full compatibility with unusual time signatures and smooth auto-adaption to value/tempo changes: that makes the plugin work for the most modern dub tweaks or electro-twirls in studio or live performances - it gently follows YOUR time!

Spirale features advanced morphing capability for each preset with a dedicated slider, host sequencer automation, intelligent MIDI control from external devices, 24 presets slots filled with nice effect programs ready to use and a comprehensive english operating manual.
Operating Manual

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Version 1.0.7

Distortion madness for fun, fun, fun! A true stereo quality choice for drums, synths, guitar or bass dynamic overdrive processing. Rombo captures all the dynamics of your audio material with two discreete envelope followers, then uses the full stereo signal to drive an exclusive dynamic saturation algorhythm. Big knobs allows perfect fine tuning and the VU meter emulation let you instantly monitor the signal all over the effect chain.
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Version 1.0.8

A high-structured 4 voices chorus/ensamble which treats every voice with a different harmonic modulation, and includes an additional tremolo section giving further shine and sculpting possibilities using the same voicing architecture.

Each parameter is fully tweakable with dedicated knobs for speed and separation of chorusing, giving maximum flexibility and dramatic, smooth changes to the signal, that can vary from monophonic tube-flangers to incredibly rich and detailed stereo smearings. The effect unit receives keytrack and aftertouch signals, giving way to extra modulation possibilites directly from your keyboard or MIDI guitar throug
h the VST host system.

All the software from Acrobatics is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x32 operating system, any VST 2.3 compatible host software and Pentium/AMD CPU with SSE/SSE2 support.
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