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25th August 2021 >
- more SYSEX sounds collections available for various hardware.
- Opened a whole new AlphaJuno/MKS-50 section.
- Mate VSTi mantainance update 1.1.7

21st April 2020 > JOONO rebuild 871 available.
2nd April 2020 > More MIDI SYSEX Acrobatics Banks for various commercial hardware modules
18th January 2020 > Uploaded new version of Joono 2020 emulator & SYSEX controller/librarian
16th November 2019 > FREE Roland EF-303 Mixing Tools sysex programs
14th November 2019 > FREE JoMoX MBase11 Vintage Collection 1 sysex programs
31st October 2019 > New SCALE VST MIDI plugin

AiR+JAZ logo
Pad Version 2.4


Electronic Groove Operator

EGO software redesigned for a new era. Pad version sports a shiny mathematic, clean design based on cells in rows and columns too, taking the useful command section to edit/copy/paste/randomize sequences in realtime., keeping also EGO 1.x Laser Motion view.

EGO audio options were expanded too, allowing modular approach connecting sequences to synthesising features & FX.

The new 4-track sequences drum section permits to build full musical sketches or whole mini-songs, with 25 Mbytes of carefully selected samples in 16-steps sequences, traditional and generated rhythms ported from Acrobatics Clave VSTi.

Version 1.1.5


ScaleScale VSTi

Scale is a VST MIDI tool for filtering and altering incoming MIDI notes in your favourite DAW software. Lets user select diatonic or non-diatonic scale from major, minor, esatonic and pentatonic scale in any root key and automatically calculates valid notes for that scale.

Off-scale notes coming from MIDI input may be filtered out using "Filter" mode or re-assign to adiacent notes using "RePitch" mode.
GUI interface shows allowed notes in scale and a colour scheme of semitone, tone, 3 semitones jumps in full sync with all settings and views.

AiR+JAZ logo
Versions 1.0.2

AiR DriveAiR Drive / JAZ Drive VSTi

AiR Drive is a MIDI Controller dedicated exclusively to Jomox(R) AiRBase99 drum machine module. The plugin synchronises all kits parameters, bank & program changes along with remote editing and remote storing function, allowing strict dialoge from DAW with the original hardware. It also includes alternative or simultaneous Send/Receive CC#s messages, to act both as a controller or as a librarian with mouse preview triggering and muting of pieces during edit or play.

Demo limitations: Snare & Rim controls, storing function disabled.
Ordering a full working version AiR Drive and you'll receive the bonus JAZ Drive controller plugin for Jomox JAZBase03, handling the different samples set and its additional parameters.

AiR+JAZ logo
Version 2020
Build 871


CampioneJoono 2020 VSTi

Emulator + Controller + Librarian for AlphaJuno-1/2 and MKS-50 hardware synthesizers.

This is an ever-growing project started many years ago as a pure emulator, then expanded and twisted by Acrobatics along the years allowing controlling original machines via SYSEX messages and saving/exchanging tones and patches (requires a VST capable of managing SYSEX).

campione logo
Version 1.0.5

CampioneCampione VSTi

Try the endles modulation possibilities of Campione, a smart looping sample-player. It loads WAV files and treat them with 3 synchronised graphical waves. Once a .WAV format sample file is loaded, the plugin allows to apply start and end points of play, looping, reversing, with velocity response, transposition and keytracking over the MIDI keyboard.
Three special effects processors follow looping settings in full syncronization: rhtythmic Sample Rate modulation, 24dB LowPass filtering and amplitude gating allows very bizarre time-squashes and frequency sculpting.

mate logo
Version 1.1.7

MateMate VSTi

A hands-on, simple desktop musicians friend, inspired by synthesizers of the seventies and eighties: produces original synth tones and reproduces strings pianos, basses, organs and bells patches with ease, but it can also explore wild and spacey atmos using its flexible modulation options and smart programming. Although it is polyphonies capable, the carefully programmed analogue response makes the resulting sound character something between Roland SH-101 and ARP Axxe vintage synthesizers.

- Controllable powerful LFO with selectable Square, Ramp/Saw, Sinus waveforms, positive and negative modulation options on oscillators and filter, linear attack and release modulation times.
- User mixable waveforms for additive synthesis as in original seventies synthesizers: square, saw, sub (-12,-24,-36 transpose options) with 3 waveforms selection: square, saw or sine, plus brown noise generator, level sliders each.
- 24db LowPass filter for powerful subtractive synthesis, natural resonance, controllable via MIDI, 4-stage envelope, polyphonic keytrack and LFO modulation section.
- 4-stage full linear envelope to control oscillators and filter section, switchable modes for flexible amplification via an auxiliary gate or using the modulation section times.

Minisynth Series
Version 1.3

Minisynth logo Minisynth FRET, GRIT, PEAK VSTi

The Minisynth series collection consist of three instruments: FRET, GRIT and PEAK.
As an overall concept, Acrobatics simplified controls and packed implementations to the highest grade to push-up users creativity first and give steady look and maximum usability to the three polyphonic synthesizers.

Common look and feel and standardized location of knobs and switches goes in the direction of helping musician when in a busy musical work, when certainly requires fast access to basic synthesis controls and settings to fit in the mix. The Minisynth series collection is also suitable for educational purpouses for its separate interpretations of synthesis methods and applications.

forbice logo
Version 1.0.4

ForbiceForbice VST

A stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio samples. The full-stereo and flexible architecture allows complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents.

Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter is driven dynamically through a fast AHR envelope, keytracked and modulated by a synchronized/free running full-featured LFO.
Also available are high-pass resonant filtering, bitcrushing and distortion stages. The effect unit features full VST & MIDI control and a flexible routing of signal with additional balance, mix and dynamics fine-tune processing.

doom logo
Version 1.0.2

DoomDoom VST

Cutting and limiting combination plugin for home production and DJs. Features 24dB lowpass stereo filter and stereo limiter with independent stages, smooth controls, bulb metering, L/R balance and phase inversion tools.

alieno logo
Version 2.0.2


new modules
and extra banks
already included
 AlienoAlieno VSTi

Originally written for KVR website DC competition, Alieno is Acrobatics' peculiar performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation.

It is easely suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis. SCI-FI look and feel with 12 skins and a plenty of original sounds in the extended library included.

A deeper edit is guaranteed by the object-oriented graphic interface, letting you choose between different sound generators, filters and modulations schemes just as in a spaceship environment. The machine sports also warp, delay and reverb effects: join the space battle today!

spirale logo
Version 1.0.4


SpiraleSpirale VST

A proprietary, original technology delivers natural stereo echoing using very clean delay, filter and pan algorhythms adding subtle modulation to the feedbacked signal without introducing any unwanted distortion into the signal.

Spirale features self-synchronization to host (DAW) with regular, dotted and triplet delay times including off-beat fine tuning, full compatibility with unusual time signatures and smooth auto-adaption to value/tempo changes: that makes the plugin work for the most modern dub tweaks or electro-twirls in studio or live performances - it gently follows YOUR time!
The plugin also features advanced morphing capability for each preset with a dedicated slider, host sequencer automation, intelligent MIDI control from external devices, 24 presets slots filled with nice effect programs ready to use and a comprehensive english operating manual.

Operating Manual

rombo logo
Version 1.0.7

RomboRombo VST

Distortion madness for fun, fun, fun! A true stereo quality choice for drums, synths, guitar or bass dynamic overdrive processing.

Rombo captures all the dynamics of your audio material with two discreete envelope followers, then uses the full stereo signal to drive an exclusive dynamic saturation algorhythm. Big knobs allows perfect fine tuning and the VU meter emulation let you instantly monitor the signal all over the effect chain.

vento logo
Version 1.0.8

VentoVento VST

A high-structured 4 voices chorus/ensamble which treats every voice with a different harmonic modulation, and includes an additional tremolo section giving further shine and sculpting possibilities using the same voicing architecture.

Each parameter is fully tweakable with dedicated knobs for speed and separation of chorusing, giving maximum flexibility and dramatic, smooth changes to the signal, that can vary from monophonic tube-flangers to incredibly rich and detailed stereo smearings. The effect unit receives keytrack and aftertouch signals, giving way to extra modulation possibilites directly from your keyboard or MIDI guitar through the VST host system.

Tools Serie


Stop VST

"Stop" is a simple tool for "slowing" down any audio signal.

The hand button produces the same effect of modifying the speed of a tape recorder and can be used in both directions: normal speed to zero speed or vice versa. The blue graphic slider sets the total time of the effect and the pink bar shows the action proceeding.


infos & resources

Access VirusTX81Z

Access Virus TI/TI2 Third-Party Banks

All archives in this section are [.ZIP] files containing [.SYX] sysex files as bank format (loadable in RAM banks A/B/C/D or via Access Virus manager in any ROM bank).

Plasma Audio Bass Soundset V1
Download "Virus_Plasma_Audio_Bass_Soundset_V1"
A bank dedicated to basses from Plasma Audio Team (Morph & Safire). The original file is dated 12-10-2016.


infos & resources

Behringer TD-3

TX81ZElectric Universe Patterns
Download "Electric Universe_Patterns"
Collection of EU patterns to be loaded using SynthTools application, in [.SEQ] files format.

infos & resources



TX81ZNovation Nova Overview

The Nova is a stripped-down Supernova virtual analogue synthesizer, compatible with the sounds of flagship units but lacking extensive FM, unison voicing control and some trivial things like looping envelopes (you can use the nice arpeggiator instead). A very powerful 3-osc/16-voices/6-parts polyphonic synthesizer in a likeable futuristic casing, equipped with professional digital/analogue converters that makes the overall sound stands tall in comparison with the later grey serie of the same brand (namely KS, KSR, KS4/5): big bottom-end, nice definition and smooth filters (a plenty of combinations, if you update the OS). The slightly downgraded architecture is a plus in some ways too, because the processor is not so busy as the in "bigger star"' and therefore responds much better to MIDI input, not suffering of jitter and instability of incoming signals. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

Novation Nova Third-Party Banks
All archives collected in this section are [.ZIP] files containing [.SYX] sysex and Soundquest format files. Supernova related files are previously converted for the Nova machines.

Download "Novation_Nova_bruddahmax"
A miscellaneous bank of 127 programs. The original file is dated 29-02-2004.

Download "Novation_Nova_gkeller"
A miscellaneous bank of 127 programs. The original file is dated 6-01-2004.

Spectrum 1/2/3/4/5
Download "Novation_Nova_Spectrum_Banks"
Five different banks of 127 programs each: three are miscellanous stuff, one is dedicated to basses and the last has mixed effects, pianos and organs, synthesized drums. Original files are dated 2-01-2004.

supernova dee
Download "Novation_Nova_supernova_dee"
A miscellaneous bank of 127 programs. The original file is dated 2-01-2004.

Download "Novation_Nova_TranceMission"
A trance music bank of 127 programs. The original file is dated 2-01-2004.

Yahoo Group Contest
Download "Novation_Nova_Yahoo Group_Contest"
A miscellaneous bank of 127 programs, assembled by members of the user group. The original file is dated 6-01-2004.

Novation Nova Factory Banks
All archives in this section are [.ZIP] files containing [.SYX] sysex and Soundquest format files. These Supernova related files are specifically converted for loading onto Nova machines.

Novation Nova Factory A/B/C/D
Download "Novation_Nova_Factory_Program_Banks"
Original, full set of factory banks for Nova desktop/keyboard.

Novation Supernova 2.0 Factory A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H
Download "Novation_Supernova_2_0_Factory_Program_Banks"
Original, full set of factory banks for Supernova rack/keyboard version 2.0.

Novation Supernova 3.1 Factory C/D/E/F
Download "Novation_Supernova_3_1_Factory_Program_Banks"
Original factory banks for Supernova rack/keyboard version 3.1.

Novation Nova additional infos and schemes
Open/Download "Nova_Controller_Map"
A [.PDF] document compiled by Andrea Capanna containing MIDI CCs (continuous controllers) mapping. This is useful for Nova series remote parameters management via MIDI.

TX81ZNovation KStation Overview

This is the very first product of "grey" line of synthesizers from Novation.

Novation KStation Factory Banks
All archives collected in this section are [.ZIP] files containing [.SYX] sysex and Soundquest format files. Supernova related files are previously converted for the Nova machines.
Download "Novation_KS_Factory_Banks_&_Patches"
A miscellaneous bank of 127 programs. The original file is dated 29-02-2004.

infos & resources

DX serie



TX81ZDX serie Overview

This Yamaha serie is THE reference for Frequency Modulation synthesizing since the 80ies. The fact is confirmed by numerous compatible devices being made to these days, from Native Instruments' early "FM7" VSTi plugin up to recent small and curious hardware devices like "----". FM synthesizing is a typical love/hate situation in electronic music, because it is definitely a counter-intuitive way of costructing the sound: instead of filtering harmonics from a richful waveform like in classic subractive synthesis, we have to add them using sine operators, arrange them in a FM algorhythm from the 32 available, then modulate their inter-dependence with tracking (pendence upon keyboard), velocity (hitting) and in time (evolution with envelopes). Being practical, it looks like a money-game: giving away it's easier than earning some - and, worse that that, altering a patch is so tricky that ends up being destructive/depressive in most cases. The plenty of files around the internet partly reveal this problem as they are effectively just slight variations one-another, arguibly branching off from very a few basic schemes from a small group of well-thought experts. Luckily, that depression-mark is recognizable and can be used conveniently to toss those "derivative programs" and find the true jewelry that makes everyone "WOW", the ones that I hope I've been giving out for these Acrobatics collections. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

DX Collection 1
Download ""
Selected miscellaneous patches by Acrobat for Yamaha DX serie, the [.ZIP] file archive contains sysex format file, [.FXB] VST bank format files.

TX81ZTX81Z Overview

This Yamaha module is so famous for the ubiquous C-15 patch "Lately Bass" that people still buy the unit just for having that particular sound in their arsenal. We can easily stigmatize those beahaviours but there is no discussion that "Lately Bass" is a very well-programmed patch that fits so nicely in house, techno, or disco-pop arrangements, mainly because of its recognisable double attack and its fatty, dully body of timbre. Anyway, the TX81Z can do a lot more things than a good bass: despite its age, it is a 4-operators - 16 waveforms - 32 algorhythms full -fledged FM synthesizer with sophisticated tracking and envelopes. As for humans' "actual" use of this unit, I guess we can go in two, completely different directions of creativity, wheather you like arranging or synthesizing the most. As a proud "preset-man" you might enjoy FM typical belly or bright, incisive sounds (and there are a lot to check, believe me, in many categories that I will cover-up shortly with my personal selections); on the contrary, as a fearless "synthetist", you can abandon yourself and go err in FM unpredictability with a smart external editor at your side, that would certainly bring that TX "everytime elsewhere" - hopefully in beautiful, uncharted, non-melodic territories. To my own ears, this unit is absolutely the most distant thing from ultra-controllable, soft and surgical sound of virtual analogue devices we are all used to, nonetheless its rusty feel has nothing in common with the irregularities of VCO or VCO-like machines too: instead it is surely rigidly and distinctively "eighties" in results as every Yamaha FM synthesizer (and that's a good fact, afterall) but not so "round" and "complete" sounding like 6-operators modules, those last fitting the mix with much more authority. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

Yamaha TX81Z Custom Banks

Acrobatics Bass Bank
Download ""
Selected and original patches by Acrobat for Yamaha TX81Z rack module, the [.ZIP] file archive contains sysex format file, [.FXB] VST bank format file and text list of single programs included.

Acrobatics Organ Bank
Download ""
Selected and original patches by Acrobat for Yamaha TX81Z rack module, the [.ZIP] file archive contains sysex format file, [.FXB] VST bank format file and text list of single programs included.

Acrobatic Piano Bank
Download ""
Selected and original patches by Acrobat for Yamaha TX81Z rack module, the [.ZIP] file archive contains sysex format file, [.FXB] VST bank format file and text list of single programs included.

Yamaha TX81Z Factory Banks
Download "Yamaha_TX81Z_Factory_Banks"
Original four factory programs (32 patches each) to restore A,B,C,D banks in Yamaha TX81Z rackmount FM synthesizer.
The [.ZIP] file archive contains either sysex format file and SoundQuest bank format files.

SY85 / TG500 Overview

Not to be confused with he professional SY77/99 or economic SY22/35 series, the Yamaha SY85 is a synthesizer/workstation introduced on the market in 1993, along with the rack version TG500. Although the engine is capable of loading samples, it is manily based on internal AWM2 (PCM) fixed waveforms with digital filters. TG500 has bigger polyphony (64 notes) but splitted between two parts, one which belongs to the SY85 AWM2 waves and the other linked to a TG500 second ROM of waves which contains some nice additions and flavour, reaching a total 8MB of ROM. Both machines can handle PCM cards (quite rare) and memory cards for additional waveforms and storage, and the PCM slot can host the recent and smart SECTOR101 for a fast bridge with modern PCs.

SY85 / TG500 Factory Banks
Download ""
Original two factory voice banks and one perform bank to restore in Yamaha SY85 synthesizer. Drum kits also included.
These are compatible and the very same stuff found on a mint TG500 rackmount located in banks "I" and "II".
The [.ZIP] file archive contains either sysex format file and SoundQuest bank format files, whole bank versions and single voices.

infos & resources


MBase11MBase11 Overview

This JoMoX module can be considered a spin-off from their drums modules of the nineties, like XBase09 or AiRBase serie, and it is specifically dedicated to bass drum. The predecessor MBase01 was already very flexible, but this new version with slight additions really can produce almost any kick sound you can imagine with a very exhausting analogue sound scheme including compression, timed or synced LFO modulations, mixable pulses, harmonics, noise and metallic sound sources.

MBase 11 Acrobatics Vintage Collections
Collections VC1 & VC2 are individual sound programs (twelve each) covering some of the most well-known and ispiring drum machine kick sounds of the past.

Download "Acrobatics_MBase"
Imitations of Yamaha RY30/RX7/RX5, LinnDrum, E-MU SP12 & 1200, Roland TR-707/808/909/606, Fricke MFB-512 kick sounds.

Download "Acrobatics_MBase"
Imitations of Oberheim DMX, Drumulator and a plenty of variations for Roland TR-909/808 kick sounds.

MBase11 Acrobatics Psy Kicks

Download "Acrobatics_MBase"
A dozen individual , original [.SYX] files programmed by Acrobat and dedicated to psychedelic trance kick drum sounds.

MBase11MBase01/11 additional infos and schemes

Download ""
The [.ZIP] archive contains a database in [.XLS] format, built to carefully take note of your MBase (01/11) programs and eventually print them out on paper. Other than a simple reminder tool, the sheet computes your data and translate them in HEXADECIMAL values, so entering a full program means automatically getting appropriate SYSEX string codes.

infos & resources

Matrix 6/6R/1000

EF-303Oberheim Matrix 6/6R/1000 Overview

These units were introduced at the end of the eighties, clearly as representing "Oberheim sound for the masses". The philosophy and character of the brand is well respected as they still produce the typical fat american sound of Tom's classic machines at a quite affordable price, despite using data entries instead of knob twigglings. The Matrix1000 rack version (which saw a second edition in white too) sports an impressive amount of nice presets too, still allowing full editing in remote on the first two banks but lacking the layering possibilities of 6/6R. The oscillators are digitially controlled (the machine tunes itself automatically at power-on) and the LP filter is a very roaring and self-oscillating one. The overall sound is so powerful, rusty and "erratic" you can easily doubt it is a DCO (nothing in common with the silk, clean sound of Roland Juno 106, for example) and more similar to a Voltage Controlled synthesizer. The two oscillators per voice are syncable in three different ways, can be unisoned and have, apart from classic PWM, the rare TWM modulation (ramp trasforming into triangle waveform) that's so nice for imitating brasses and strings. More over, "Matrix" means "matrix modulation" at its real best (there are sixteen slots where you can modulate almost anything with anything else) and the results are wonderfully complex or unpredictable if carefully programmed.

Oberheim Matrix 6/6R/1000 Third-Party Banks

Download ""
This is a demonstrational bank from KID NEPRO, with just five single patches. Original file is dated 24-05-1996.

SoundQuest Template Banks
Download ""
These are three banks of miscellaneous patches, included in SoundQuest program. Original files are dated 3/10/1995.

EF-303Oberheim Matrix 1000 Factory (ROM) Banks
Download ""
These are the banks 2xx...9xx (800 single patches in total) extracted from a M-1000, loadable into 6/6R units too.

infos & resources





EF-303DR-660 Overview

This unit could easily disappear in smoke like many other digital drum machines of its class and age but, when some years ago electronic producer Legowelt endorsed its use, it somewhat reached a sort of nobility status back again. Undoubtlely It has some magic inside that the whole ravamp seems reasonable. Although it sadly tends to overheat and got a terribly lousy MIDI in connetion that sometimes requires fixing, it sounds way better than subsequents DR-770 and DR-880 that have a bigger memory in the pattern/song section by their side. This Dr.Rhythm got a nice set of samples built-in too, surely coming from the same family of sounds that you can find on many Roland modules of the time (it is sort of a R8 Mk2 sample set, with some strategic 909 and 808 pieces) and their typical arrangement in single or double layer, with "nuance" parameter balancing multi-samples in just the same way as R8 modules. Of course we cannot add exotic samples via PCM cards, but the manipulation of "pitch" and "decay" parameters is much more handy than in R8M module i.e., as it takes advantage of the full-size alpha dial on top-right allowing to be more creative in a hurry, usually cranking up very low or very high pitched sounds that beautifully rely very a few with the initial sample you started from. Generally speaking, the DR-660 sounds more "compressed" to my ears compered with R8s - definitely not "dry" as R series - first probably for the memory-saving engineering that shorten sample-data where possible (as in many PCM-based modules of the time) and then because onboard reverb, chorus, flanger and delay effects can be added to the whole kit or even to single pads. A solid, clear architecture, not so studio-dependent like R8s and not so toy-sounding as other desktop drum machines. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

DR-660 Vintage Collection 1
Download ""
These are twelve (12) individual drum kits originally programmed by Thrax in the late nineties. They carefully imitate some of the most well-known and ispiring electronic drum machines of the past (like TR-707, TR-808 and TR-909) in a different way than what Roland proposes with factory default kits, plus some rock and pop drum kits exceptions.

EF-303EF-303 Overview

The Roland EF-303 is one of the "strange creatures" from Roland Corp. built in the year 2000, when the company had already grasped and filled the new market of mixed musicians/Djs tools with the PCM-based super-seller MC-303, but was moving to virtual audio with experimental products like VariOS. Infact EF-303 is a hybrid in more senses, as it is mainly a multieffect unit (20bit 44.1Khz internal processing) having the additional ability to produce two different synthetic sounds and some drum pieces as well. Not to be confused with "groove boxes", it's better to be seen as smart tool for instant remixes or a versatile effect unit for adding bite or sculpting other synthesizers tones , as well as for mangling entire pre-mixed material. The "synth", "bass synth" and the tiny "drums" modes sounds are quite poor in timbre characteristics TMHO, despite the sequencer section extensive management possibilities and well-hidden tunings and features. Best is given by "filter", "flanger", "lo-fi" with bit , rate and distortion, a surprisingly precise, syncable "delay" effect, good sounding "vocoder" and "voice" modes, this last controlling formant and pitch of the source just in the same way as VT-2. The up-right 3-positions lever is particularly cool for its lower "temporary" position, allowing on-the-fly inserts of effect processing. Dry/Wet transitions sound very smooth most of the times, especially if input and output levels are carefully prepared with the left-side trimming pots. Our "Mixing Tools" can take advantage of that particular in-out arrangement and the use of EF's ultra-handy input band separation too. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

EF-303 Mixing Tools
Download ""
Mixing Tools is a collection of just four (4) programs for the Roland EF-303 effects module, specially built for remixing whole tracks, using EF's manual knobs or the automatic assignments of slider available with the onboard step sequencer. Set was programmed by Acrobat himself and saved in single [.SYX] files, loadable on the module with any SYSEX capable PC/MAC software manager.

EF-303AlphaJuno-1/2 + MKS-50 Overview

The Roland AJ-1, AJ-2 (1985) and MKS-50 (1986) are very peculiar 6-voices poliphonic synthesizers from Roland, with DCO oscillators, analogue filter and 7-stages envelope. The synthesising scheme is similar to the older Juno machines but really has its special character in the curious envelope, the chord mode and the arrangement with unique tracking of voice so that the machine is particularly suited for layered voices and loved by many acidcore, hardcore and gabber artists. Of course It is capable of much generic sounds and very nice organs TMHO, but since the poliphony is limited to six notes, sounds like bells or strings are sadly affected by an inesorable cutting of tails in release stage. The keyboard versions (with their strange narrow profile) has TONES only and a global setting for voicing management, while the 1U rack version has also PATCHES bank for giving those extra parameters in a rudimental branching scheme (very often disliked by musicians for being confusing). MKS-50 has a 16 slots CHORD bank too, and that's where the PATCH settings are much useful: attaching a special sequence of notes to your TONE and give birth to powerful unisons, in a similar way to what happens in bigger Jupiters/MKS-80s.
If you mix-up the AJs' unique chording with the multistage envelope. well, that's exactly what happend to a factory tone named "What the", that occasionally became a famous sound of "Mentasm", a techno hit of the past, and that's history. (Andrea "Acrobat" Capanna)

AlphaJuno-1/2 + MKS-50 Third-Party Banks
The following archives are compiled by Acrobatics to provide most possible classified and referenced resource from the pletora of third-party internet resources for this serie of synthesizers. These sources were often found on different websites and FTPs archives: of course each author retains the rights on his work and everyone is invited to contribute more over to keep tracking and scheduling of the Alpha platform with more patches, informations and ideas.

BockelBrick 1 & 2
Download ""
Third-Party banks by Bernhard Bockebrink in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
These sets are commonly named "J" and "K" and originally dated 17-04-1997.

Jan Hirvonen
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "E" and originally dated 11-02-1997.

John Sexton
Download ""
Third-Party techno bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "B" and originally dated 07-02-1997.

Martijn Halie
Download ""
Third-Party hardcore-style bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "G" and originally dated 17-03-1997.

Matt Friedman
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "D" and originally dated 7-02-1997.

Mike Ash
Download ""
Third-Party bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "A" and originally dated 10-09-1997.

Per-Kristian Nordnes
Download ""
Third-Party acid-style bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "C" and originally dated 5-02-1997.

Scott BPM Alpha One
Download ""
Third-Party bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set originally dated 21-07-2000.

Space Dirki
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "I" and originally dated 12-04-1997.

Sten Van Dijk
Download ""
Third-Party hardcore-style bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set originally dated 30-03-1997.

The Outsider HS-80 Patches
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set originally dated 29-05-2015.

Vesa Vahasarja
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "M" and originally dated 28-04-1997.

Ville Kakela
Download ""
Third-Party miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This set is commonly named "L" and originally dated 28-04-1997.

EF-303AlphaJuno-1/2 + MKS-50 Factory Banks
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Roland Corp. miscellaneous bank in both [.SYX] format and [.MBT] SoundQuest format.
This is a tone bank that shipped with early versions of AlphaJunos, later slightly changed in names and contents.

AlphaJuno-1/2 + MKS-50 additional infos and schemes
Open/Download "AlphaJuno_and_MKS-50_sysex.pdf"
A clean (french language) summary of SYSEX codes for altering synth parameters in remote.

Open/Download "Servicing_Roland_AlphaJuno-2.pdf"
Precise notes (english language) by Dean Brewer for opening/repairing your AJ-2 unit.

EF-303GP-16 Overview

A Roland digital guitar effects module that collects classic BOSS pedals circuitries inside a single rack space. The older GP-8 (rumored to have better distortion) had just a single chain of eight effects, while this model got two different chains (A is compressions/distortions, B is dedicated to modulations), and they can be arranged in serie or parallel for double versatility of the unit. The sound is very eighties and quite rough for modern standards, anyway various effects are quite sofisticated and fully configurable using the mini-AlphaDial on the front-side. Unfortunately, the delay algorhythm has limited range, expressed in milliseconds and not MIDI syncable despite the full MIDI set of ports on the back. Phaser and flanger, on their side, have very pleasurable special modes to dive into.

GP-16 SoundQuest Template Bank
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A bank of 63 miscellaneous configurations for guitar.


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